"Lindsey was brilliant.  Clear.  Evocative.  Funny.  Strong.  Real.  Engaging.  And hopeful."

"She is so inspirational - she makes me want to rise to the challenge."

"You are an amazing, engaging presenter and told a great story."

"Lindsey was by far my favorite speaker at our lecture series."

"The touches of humor were perfectly tied to a very poignant message."

"I loved how she used real life stories and a little humor to tell her inspiring story."

"I am forever changed in how I look at trials and tribulations at home and work."

"You were warm, funny, real and engaging."

"Her message was relevant to all of us, both personally and professionally."

"I know your life is forever changed, but I feel like all of our lives changed a bit in hearing your brave story of not just survival, but revival.  I don't think I'll ever look at the trials and tribulations of life in the same way again."

"What an amazing, inspiring and purposeful story."

"I think I could have listened to you all day!  What an inspirational story and thank you so much for sharing it."

Say Yes with Tara Jaye Frank - read the blog testimony here - September 30, 2015