Get Busy Living

I had an appointment today at Hanger.  They did some follow-up measurements to aid in the creation of my prosthesis.  I guess my residual limb changed dramatically (in a good way) in just the last week.  It is bound to shrink, so the sooner the better to ensure a good fit.

The big news of the visit is I got to walk on a prosthesis.  It was the office model, essentially the basic version they use with everybody.  I put it on, stood up and began walking. Of course I was aided by balance bars but it was amazing how simple it really was to get started.  It felt very intuitive overall.  I hadn't walked on my right leg either since the skin graft surgery, so the whole event was pretty exciting that I was able to make both legs work.

Lots and lots and lots of work and therapy to go, but it felt like (a million bucks) (football fall crispy weather Saturdays) (new car smell) (clean sheets) (marathon finish line) (insert other awesomeness here) kind of morning to take those first steps just 6 weeks post-accident.

I should be getting my own prosthetic limb very soon.  It is in the works.  The below link shows the actual foot that I'll have as the "smart" part of the overall device (the Endolite Elan).  It will lock into the rest of the prosthesis and be covered by a cosmetic foot cover as I mentioned before.

The tagline of the foot manufacturer is "Get Busy Living".  I love that...

I posted two pics from today.

Hope this perfect weather is treating you well!