Thumbs are UP

Successful surgery today!  Main goal accomplished plus some extra bonuses.  The highlights:

*Thumb released from a lot of intense scar tissue (Dr. said no amount of therapy would have freed it up)

* A neuroma (basically scar tissue on a nerve) under my wrist was addressed which should help alleviate the discomfort it was causing on occasion

* Additional range of motion added to my wrist which was not an intended outcome but a happy surprise

Feeling great and happy it's over as surgery is always nerve-wracking on many fronts. So thankful for my great doctor and awesome nurses too. Last but certainly not least thank you for the prayers!

By the way, we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM. Those of you who know me well may ask yourself if that was the hardest part of the day :). Time for a nap...

Hitchhiking, here I come,

ps thanks for praying for my friends; I don't know their results yet