Thumbs Up!

Just a quick little post...  I have a follow-up hand surgery tomorrow.  The plan is to free my thumb from scar tissue that formed around it while a tendon repair was healing as well as address a couple of other things with my scarring. 

If all goes as planned, it will allow my thumb to fully function again, including full extension to allow me to do the thumbs up sign whenever I choose (and about 817 other things).  Admittedly, I do like a good old school thumbs up and use this little sign more than the average person I've discovered in this stuck phase! 

So if you wouldn't mind, pray specifically for a successful and simple surgery for us tomorrow morning.  You guys are awesome - thanks for letting me continue to lean into you. 

I also have a couple of friends having important cancer scans today and tomorrow, so feel free to send a prayer up for them as well.

Thank you, friends!