Happy Birthday, Aaron

This isn't a typical social media venue or message for a birthday wish to your husband. This hasn't been a typical year. 

My updates are of course always about my progress. But for every surgery someone drives me there and waits patiently in the waiting room. For every day I've spent on crutches, someone carries my water to my nightstand. For every hard day I've had, someone cheers me on or offers some needed tough love. Someone is always there no matter how easy or hard it is for both of us. That someone is Aaron so my post today is all about him. 

To keep this short and sweet and to the point - as Aaron would do :), I'll close with this song that describes my husband to a tee in my opinion. I thought of him the first time I heard it.  (Warning it is technically a country song if you have an aversion to the genre :) 


I think I can safely speak for "all of us" as I wish you a happy bday, Aaron!