Support from fun and unexpected places!

This journal update requires checking out the photo section too!  All photos for this post are after family pictures. 

As we've mentioned we've been humbled, stunned, awed, amazed, you name it about the support you've all given us. 

Tonight I'm featuring three fun stories that were just too cool not to share with all of you! 

#1 -  My cousin Alyson and her crossfit workout community dedicated a "Hero WOD" (Hero Workout of the Day) to me.  She described it best so here are her words:

I'm sure this sounds ridiculously corny to most people (remember, we are an eclectic group of fitness junkies) but in the crossfit community "Hero WODs" are dedicated to various deserving heroes such as military heroes.  Some of us were talking and realized most days we come in and do these workouts for people we've never even met or know anything about. So why not do a workout for someone we actually know and can discuss how this person is a hero in our world. That's how the Lindsey Roy Hero WOD was created. 

I was a little teary eyed for all the support you received today. Everyone came up to me at one point and wanted to relay a message to you of support and encouragement for your journey ahead. You have an entire team in Denver praying for you and cheering for your healthy recovery. Your story encouraged others to share similar stories, and each one ended with an inspiring ending of how they or a loved one overcame a random accident and have done some phenomenal things. It's strange how things like this open a door to random group therapy sessions. You're helping people without even knowing it! :)

There are two pictures for this story. In the group pic, my cousin is the third one from the left in the back. 

Crossfit group in Denver, my cousin Alyson third from left in back

Crossfit group in Denver, my cousin Alyson third from left in back


#2- Cousin Jerry and Carson Kressley. Jerry is technically my cousin through marriage (to my cousin Karen), but we like to claim him as one of our own.  He is a professional photographer and always has great photo opportunities. I was shocked when I saw this pop up on Facebook.  Check out the picture in the photos tab of Jerry and Carson. Jerry is the one on the left. :)

Cousin Jerry and Carson Kressley

Cousin Jerry and Carson Kressley

#3 - Today is the annual Watermelon Festival in Clyde, KS, my hometown.  This has been one of my favorite weekends as long as I can remember.  We go to Clyde every year for the festivities which include many events such as a parade, fireworks and demolition derby. If you don't know what a demolition derby is, google it as I won't attempt to describe it here. :).  Believe it or not I was featured on two demo cars today. This was a very fun surprise.

Derby car in the heat of the battle...#44 proved victorious! :)

Derby car in the heat of the battle...#44 proved victorious! :)

The pictures in the photo section are of the car of our friend, Todd. He won 1st place today!!  I'd like to think I was a good luck charm but I think the credit really goes to Todd. 

By the way, by the end of the derby the door with my name was a little scratched and dented. Got a text from my sister saying, "you're a little bunged up but still a winner".  Love the double meaning she intended between me and the car.  

Hope you got a little joy from these stories and accompanying photos. I know I did!!