Care Calendar created by friends

This is Courtney Klahn, and I have hacked into Lindsey's Caring Bridge site to let you in on ways that you can help Lindsey & Aaron. Sorry to disappoint those of you that stalk the site awaiting Lindsey's fabulous updates.  Although this post isn't as fascinating to read as hers always are, it is informative so I hope you will keep reading. 

A few of us have set up a care calendar to organize all of the help that so many of you are offering.  You will see on the care calendar that the help they can use is with meals and mowing, so that Aaron can focus on more important things right now.  If you are a Hallmarker you can sign up to drop off meals at Hallmark on Mondays.  If you are a non-Hallmarker friend/family you can sign up to drop off meals in Shawnee.  To keep things simple and easier on everyone, a few of us will be making weekly trips to deliver the meals to the Roy/Eusterwiemann house. 

As their needs change we will update the care calendar accordingly, so stay tuned.  

Thank you for any support you can give Lindsey and Aaron whether it be through the care calendar, prayers or your guestbook messages.  I know they are appreciative and humbled by the amount of support they are receiving.  

If you have any questions about the care calendar or meals, please call Courtney 913-231-8791 or Jen (Weiss) Seyller 913-461-8688.

P.S. Check out the new pictures they posted on this site tonight, they are beautiful and will certainly bring a smile to your face.