A Note from Aaron's Mother

(From Thurs AM originally)

Good Morning!  

This is Victoria Eusterwiemann better known as "Grandma E" as not to confuse Mitchell and Morgan since both Grandma's have the same first name.  Vicki Roy with "I" and Vicky E. with a "Y." 

This grandma arrived in KC on Friday afternoon the 16th to be with Aaron and the grandchildren as we continue this journey with Lindsey.  May I say how proud I am of this amazing young woman and her courage to meet all challenges ahead of her straight forth.  I have taken the "in law" out of the "daughter-In-law" title along time ago as she holds a very special place In my heart. 

Tuesday night on Lindsey's arrival to KC both Grandma Royand Grandma E. had the privilege of seeing the children reunited with their mommy.  The smiling faces on the children as they entered her room and the out stretched arms of Lindsey waiting for their hugs was a very emotional and yet remarkable moment for us all.  

For the last few days and since the children's return home I watched as my son did a fantastic job of answering question's as to where mommy was, what happened and etc.etc.  (I'm sure you get the picture.)  Phone calls to Lindsey kept both parents on the same page as to how this would be played out.  Their team work as a couple showed as their concern for any fears the children might have were addressed. 

Mitchell as "4 year old's do" had question's right away about her injuries and for Lindsey it was "show and tell time" being very up front with her answers showing exactly what parts of her body were hurt.  As Aaron stated before some of Mitchell's answers you couldn't help but chuckle about but he was right on the money. 

Morgan was just that sweet adorable 2 year old who was full of smiles, giggles, hugs and happy to see mommy.    At two years old she has reached that "I can do it myself stage" and follows in big brothers footsteps.  Soon both M & M were gently touching Lindsey's protective glove on her right arm with lots of love. 

Children seem to deal with things most of the time better than us adults.  Day care, trips to the hospital to see mommy, phone calls after baths to say prayers and good night kisses will all be a part of both Lindsey, Aaron and M & M's routine for a few weeks but the future is bright and we have our "Lindsey" here with us,   

Many prayers have been offered and answered for which we are grateful.  

One last thing I have to share this with you!  

Probably the No 1 prayer God is listening to comes from our sweet Morgie as I have heard her say the "Lords Prayer and Hail Mary" several times as she goes about playing not knowing how important her prayers are.  God works inmysterious ways!