You gotta luv kids........

Wanted to make a couple of quick notes before the end of the night.  

One of the early conversations Lindsey & I had following the accident was "how do we tell this to the kids, how are the kids going to react?"  Let's be honest, this type of conversations is almost as scary as the accident itself.  From day one, I have been terrified of it.  Here is the funny thing, sometimes things are more scary for adults, just cause they are.

Everyday is a deeper conversation.  We still have a lot to discuss & share.  Taking this slow.  As they ask we listen, we talk, we listen more, then talk more.  Is it a big deal to them, will it be a bigger deal down the road......maybe, are they doing great today.....absolutely!!!  For now, that's all we need.    

The beautiful thing about a child's mind is they don't get caught up in all the "stuff."  They just treat the information for what it is.  So with that, for your pleasure, I did want to share a couple of memorable quotes from M&M from the past couple of days as we have slowly discussed the accident.  I hope it makes you laugh & smile, I know it has for us:

-Mitch--How is she going to walk with just 1 foot, I guess she'll just hop everywhere. (luv it when the answer their own question)

-Morgan--Mommy's at the doctor, papa took the truck to Clyde.  (I think she might be secretly working on a new country song)

-Mitch--Mommy got go ride in a helicopter, that's crazy(Daddy's inside voice...that's one way to describe it)

Of course this journey will have highs & lows for M&M, but the thing that gives me peace/reassurance, not everything has to be scary.  Our kido's keep reminding me that everyday.

By the way, M&M's are not the only ones excited to see Lindsey tomorrow..........