Random Updates/Springfield Close-out Entry

And a random, hodgepodge update 

Thanks for indulging my multiple journal entries in one night.  Relatively easy day on the poke/prod-front (opposite of yesterday) and well-rested. Know the next couple of days will be especially busy. Plus, this is a bit of closure on my Springfield chapter. 

A few medical things:

Now have on what's called a stump shrinker.  Basically a tight white sock wrapped around it to just above the knee.  One of many prep steps for a prostheses. (by the way, stump is the official medical term for the amputated leg.)

Lighting bolts, tazer guns and fireworks.  That's the best way to describe what if feels like to touch the stump, especially towards the bottom part where the stitches are. Yesterday was a hard day because they did several things to the left leg like redresses, applying a topical patch, putting on the shrinker. That coupled with really missing my kids (didn't know then when I was going home) did provide for some tears on a few occasions but I made it through. And the tazer feeling from the nerves is supposed to keep improving.

Right leg (one with wound vac) has to be redressed tomorrow before heading to KC. Requested my awesome nurse from the burn unit I had Saturday and she rearranged her schedule to help. Hoping for another low-pain procedure. 

Arm healing really well. Issue there really comes down to the thumb. Been doing lots of thumb workouts. That would actually be a cool band name now that I think about it.  Thumb Workouts. Or Thumb Workout. 

Misc category:  

I received so many nice flowers this week. I've enjoyed staring at them and the staff raves about their scent.  I'm not allowed to transport them tomorrow so I've started giving them to my favorite nurses and other staff. Been super fun!

I wear my lucky ponytail holder every day. It is literally the same one I put on Saturday before the accident.  Somehow I still have it. 

I do not feel like a 30-something sporting my earplugs at night but they have helped me get great sleep in a hospital setting. I highly recommend this product - ha.  I am sad to leave my individual room as I think I'll have to share a room in KC. 

We sent the kids to their daycare/preschool center today to get them back into a routine. It has the first day of school for Mitchell's official 4-year old room and he was so excited. Good timing. School professionals and parents have been awesome. 

Aaron has been so busy on the home front keeping everything together, arranging my transfer, taking good care of the kids, etc.  Keep him in your prayers, please. He's doing a lot of the heavy-lifting right now. 

Moms are special. Aaron's Mom is there helping him, my Mom is here helping me. So lucky to have them. So lucky to be one myself. 

Talk to you soon. Kansas City, here I come!