Angels Among Us

Let me just lead with the headline:  I'm transferring to KC tomorrow!!

As you can imagine, I am beyond excited. This means I will get to see my babies every day now!

A couple of facts and then I have a pretty incredible few things to tell you (at least incredible to me). 

I will be moving to KC for impatient care (ie stay the night) which we knew was phase 1 of the plan. I still have medical needs in addition to rehab needs so I need to have access to surgeons, etc. I don't have a definitive time period on how long I'll be an impatient, but it will likely be weeks vs. months. Exact length of stay is hard to predict based on my multiple injuries and their reliance on another. 

I will then move to outpatient rehab. Basically live at home and go work out everyday. This time period is even more unknown as it's all rehab based and we won't have a full understanding of my needs until wounds are healed. 

Last week we began the process of trying to figure out which institution in KC I will move to for my inpatient stay and possibly for my outpatient care as well. I don't know if it will play out this way but I like the idea of working with the same doctors/trainers/PT teams for the entire journey if possible. Continuity of care and relationships. As we began the search last week, it was quite an intense process. It sounds like it might be pretty straightforward, but several factors come into play as I'd mentioned before. How good is their rehab team?  Do they have access to an excellent plastic surgeon? (for my leg skin graft). Do they have access to a great ortho doc?  Do they have a place and I can hang out with my kids every night?  Are they in-network?  Do they have availability?  You get the gist. 

So the way the process works is there is a social worker at the hospital who helps narrow the list and digs into the above questions. After a couple of days of digging including very helpful conversations with our medical friends, Aaron and I narrowed to two places. One of them did not have availability but I kept it on the short list anyway as I'm not one who takes no for an answer. :)

I won't elaborate anymore on the details of our top options as I want to get to the good part quicker!  In short, it seemed we had two great options. I was frankly leaning towards one a little and Aaron was leaning towards the other one a little.

Ok, now hold on for completely switching gears for a minute. I will circle back!

I had a great friend in college named Amy Mitchell. She and I met mid-way through college and spent a lot of time together. A majority of that time was spent on Friday afternoons at a place called Rock-a-Belly deli in Manhattan (KS!). I know a large % of you reading this are quite aware of Rock-a-Belly and are now craving a Belly Buster or summer beer.  Amy and I had similar small-town backgrounds and outlooks on life and simply had a blast whenever we were together. We both had our own distinct core group of friends that we got to know from one another which was an added bonus - still is actually. Amy fell in love in love  with a fellow K-Stater, Dylan Spencer. Dylan was an all-around awesome guy and the two of them were perfect together. 

They got married and moved to Dylan's hometown of Scott City, KS. I had the privilege of standing up with Amy in their wedding. I had a terrible hairdo that day but that's irrelevant!  Imagine a brunette version of Edna Garrett's hair of Facts of Life.

Dylan and Amy had two daughters and a wonderful life. They owned a private plane as did some of their other friends in Scott. It allowed them to go everywhere in a short amount of time, allowing them to see KSU games, family, Denver shopping, etc all without having to deal with the long car trips from western Kansas. 

A little over two years ago-April 22, 2011-their plane crashed near Topeka. It was Good Friday. They were heading home to Amy's family to celebrate Easter. Needless to say it was a horrible tragedy for many. God called up four beautiful angels. I actually gave birth to Morgan that same week so had to miss the services which was hard. 

I think of Dylan and Amy and the Mitchell and Spencer families daily. My son has them (as do I) as a part of the list he prays for nightly. (and no, my son Mitchell wasn't named after her, I just liked the name...Amy did send me some wonderfully personalized baby gifts as she did like the name choice. :)

Ok so here's where the stories merge. This past Saturday, Aaron went and toured the rehab areas of our top two choices. When he was pulling into the MASSIVE parking garage of his top choice, he was waiting on a vehicle to pull out so he could take their stall. Guess who was driving that vehicle?  Amy's parents.  They stopped and talked. They were at the hospital visiting Dylan's parents. That was no sheer coincidence in my mind. To top it off, Aaron also randomly bumped into Dylan's Mom while he was inside the complex.  In a completely different area of a big hospital. The news of seeing the Mitchell and Spencer families sealed the deal - along with the excellent care we already knew about of course - this was our collective top choice now. I knew God was working through/with my friends to give me this sign. 

It doesn't end there. This choice - now my top choice - was the one that didn't have availability for me. We are so fortunate to have had several people pushing different angles to get us in (debriefing those details of support would require another few paragraphs!). Through one of those great friends we found a 5-star ortho surgeon who agreed to take my case. This was my ticket in!  That ortho surgeon happened to be Dylan's best friend. Wow. 

We also had some other doors open from others pushing as well. Found that out hours later. Thanks to those folks - you know who you are. We had so much support and lucky breaks which was amazing and humbling. 

So yes, there are angels among us. In this case they go by Dylan and Amy. I spoke with their parents today and they couldn't agree more. 

So I will be KC-bound tomorrow my friends!  Dreaming of hugging my M&Ms!

Love, Lindsey


*footnote:  Reading your comments and discovering I wrote "impatient" instead of "inpatient" in this post. That was a total mistake...and a hilarious one at that. I will be using that term now on purpose!  Ha!