Feel Like a Million Bucks!

The wound procedure was from 10:30-12:30 today and it was FANTASTIC!

*Drugs properly dosed in advance (max serve, please)

*Relaxation tactics before time..."spa music", baby lotion from nurse :), prayers and jokes with Mom, Ang and Haley, reading all of your uplifting messages!!

*Nurse from Burn Unit did the work at my bedside...she was calm, fun to chat with and self-proclaimed ansl retentive, telling me my wound dress was upgraded to a Rolls Royce vs ER version (which will make my next redress-3days from now-set up for success)

*The procedure did take awhile but was uncomfortable at worst - never the kind of pain I experienced yesterday despite today's procedure being billed to be the extremely hard step; it included many jokes and stories and a lot of small talk between Ang and me and the nurse sometimes too (great distractions)

*The nurse also said the wound was healing really well-yay

*It went so well today my line of sight to getting back to KC got much clearer (will know more soon about the exact date but today was pivotal as they had to ensure my right leg could handle care outside an OR

I was again overwhelmed with your rallying to help pray for this difficult and very-important-to-return-home procedure. I found your words very encouraging. Clearly God did too.

That's the latest and greatest from room 16...!