Update of the last day and a half

It seems like about 2 weeks worth of activity have happened since I posted yesterday. Here's my best attempt at a recap!

Physical Therapy:

Aaron mentioned earlier in the week I had already done some PT and that has continued every day. I can get from the bed to a chair with little assistance, sit up and roll over well (I just made myself sound like a Schnouzer :), and generally maneuver pretty well using my upper body. I did some new moves today including successfully bending my knee on the amputated leg now that the splint is gone. First try my full range of motion looked excellent. I have been able to do many different exercises with both of my legs. I get excited when PT comes because their "you are already doing this!!" feedback fuels my confidence. I know many of you are scratching your head that I am enjoying working out!! The motivation for this kind of working out is pretty clear (see Kids section below :). 

Trama/Wound Healing:

Been feeling really good overall. My trauma doctor told me yesterday that they agree I'm doing better than anyone they've ever seen before with comparable cases. Really helps to hear their feedback as it does build stamina and confidence. 

I did have a really hard time this morning on a wound procedure. It was short-lived but pretty overwhelming to be honest. (warning..read at your own risk if medical info makes you squeamish...). My trama doctor/surgeon stopped by on his morning rounds and woke me up for a quick visit. He mentioned he was going go change the dressing on my amputated leg and remove the splint (for the first time not in an OR). I generally knew this was coming but here we are right now. "Shouldn't be a big deal at all". Ok... As he unwrapped my bandages and raised the leg simultaneously, I felt the biggest lightning bolt of pain imaginable. It really felt like a torch. I also have phantom pain in that leg so that was combined with it. (I will do a deeper dive on phantom pain in a post-very interesting). So we took a quick break and then the lighting bolt/torch was back again as he further unwrapped it. The doctor did mention something about a stich (hitting a stich or rubbing a stitch or something). Needless to say I wasn't listening well in the moment. Aaron's poor fingers were taking on quite a squeeze. At this point, I requested we get my oral pain meds a half hour early and to put some more in my drip (which is an optional addition depending on pain). I had to get right back on the horse as he wanted to redress my arm next. I buckled up and away we went. Hallelujah the arm didn't hurt much at all. And I looked (wasn't sure if I would) and it looked pretty dark good. They will do this redress every three days or so and each one will get easier.

As you might have noticed, I left out the right leg. This leg still has a "wound bag" (helps drain the wound) and obviously a large wound. This is the leg that ensured my first redress happened in the OR. That leg had been scheduled for a separate redress for awhile. And they've been warning me it will be a doosie. So that is tomorrow morning. SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST! Please ask God to give me the strength to handle this procedure tomorrow. I do have a good game plan as well on the pain medicine. Today's procedure was done at a time when pain meds were wearing off. Won't be the case tomorrow!

Next Steps on a rehab center:

We spent a ton of time yesterday evaluating which location would be best for us. Had to get clear on our criteria/ prioritize what we need. There are actually many, many factors to consider (ranging from access to a great plastic surgeon to do the skin graft on my leg to thinking through the environment/rooms as I'll have the kids visiting often...no to mention location, availability, etc). We've narrowed it down and Aaron is touring the options and having some final conversations so we can get this decision locked and loaded. Still don't know date of my transfer; depends on next couple of days. Big thanks to our contacts here plus out friends Wes Smeal, Jon Freeman, Tommy Towle, Marc Larsen, Mick Witas, Aaron Holm, etc. (sorry if I left someone out ..been a whirlwind). Aaron and I were amazed at the responses and help we received from you guys. Thanks!!


Aaron and Dad went home today to meet Ang at our house with kids. Aaron 's Mom (Vicky Eusterwiemann) came down from NE to join us in KC. Ang and Haley coming down to join Mom and I in Springfield. Net/net kids with Aaron and Grandma. Talked to them briefly and they sounded great. I'll let Aaron share a few more stories when he gets a chance. I was so happy they sounded so great. They were yelling adorable I love you Moms at the end. Thanks Ang and fam for showing them such a fun time!

Your support:

In closing, I want to attempt to tell you how much your support matters to me, matters to my family. I've read your comments here on Caring Bridge as a way to fill up my cup throughout the day (and when Aaron lets me have access to my phone-ha! He wants to ensure I rest enough. :) . I am blown away by the feelings of love and support. You all are my community. I need you more than you know. Thank you, thank you.

Love, Lindsey