Thursday Thoughts

Hi everyone! Aaron has given you you the latest medical info so I'm going to share a few other things...

Your support means the world to me. I can't tell you how uplifting it is to me and my family to hear from so many of you. Everyone of your messages have been read (and re-read at times!) by us and they are cherished beyond belief. I truly feel I have received a special gift getting to hear your loving words. One of many positive bi-products of this situation.

Speaking of upside from the situation, here is a sample of my initial, budding list:

- I feel so incredibly close to my husband; this kind of experience puts your wedding vows into action.

- I feel other facets of my life are or will be stronger as I walk this journey. Quick background context...I've always had this philosophy/mental image that every person has different facets to their life and there is always a percentage given to each. A visual way to think about this is a pie with different pieces. My "physical" piece may be challenged right now but other pieces are stronger than I could have ever , faith, etc. It's just all a balancing act and depending on the point in time, your pie looks different. (Similar to someone having a strong sense of smell if they lost their sight...)

- I've really met some awesome people - mostly in the healthcare world of course. Those of you who know me well know I love meeting these folks and learning their stories...backgrounds, kids, etc. There are a lot of amazing people. And many interesting jobs in this industry, too... The level of specialization is fascinating. I'm lucky all of these specialists are here. 

- A slower pace can reveal much. I will elaborate on this budding thought in a future post but I read a prayer and a story this morning about a man who needed help walking for a period of time due bone cancer. He mentions "The idea of of slowing down became the number one lesson he learned from his experience."

- I also think in the long haul my kids will have interesting lessons from all of this. Whether it's a unique way to be compassionate or even understanding different career choices as they get exposed to new experiences.

Speaking of our kids, Aaron has continued to update everybody that they are doing great with Ang and fam. We are working on our plan and consulting with experts on the whats, hows and whens we will tell them everything. We are feeling good about the steps we've outlined and will share some general themes in an upcoming post as many of you are their village! They will probably have their 4 and 2 year old versions of upside as well. More cartoon snuggle time with Mom!! :)

One last nugget to leave you with. One of my hospital bracelets has me named "Trauma Lincoln". I guess they give trauma patients car names. Interesting in general and funny to all of you Nebraska people that they gave me "Lincoln".

Lastly, a big happy birthday to my Dad.
Luv Lindsey