Wednesday Evening

Lindsey was in surgery today.  Mainly they changed her wounds in the surgery room because they wanted to put her under to change bandages and examine wounds.  THINGS LOOK GOOD.  The hand had some redness, so we are cautiously monitoring for infection, but currently wound is ok.  

Left leg (ampitated leg) looks good.  

Right Leg (where the wound vac is currently on) is healing.  We don't know yet when/what will happen next here.  May need skin graft only, may need more.  My understanding is this decision could be a few weeks out.  Good news is we should be able to do next surgery in KC. 
Current plan is to change bandages again in 2-3 days, and then make decision on when we could transfer to kc.  Will know more on timing after that. 

KC--as of today, it sounds like our plan will be to move right into a rehab facility when we transfer to kc.  We are working with the hospital here, researching facilities, reaching out to friends, etc. to review our options. Hope to have a plan on this shortly.  Thank you to everyone that has offered 1st/2nd hand experience/results on facilities.  It is very helpful.  

Kiddo's--We were sent pictures of kids holding kittens, and other animals.  Our animal free zone may be in jeopardy.  Gee Tks ang: - )  In all seriousness, they are having a blast with the cousins.  Apparently Mitchell loved the PLANE movie, but "Plane scare Morgan."  Translation go to store & eat donuts.  

As I am writing this I see Lindsey's site has just had 1086 visits.  AMAZING!!!!  I have seen people talk about this type of support, but it is crazy to be the one going thru it.  Its more powerful than words can say. 


PS--It's Bruce's (Lindsey's dad) birthday tomorrow.  That makes it a good day already.