2nd Update

This is aaron. It's currently about 9:00 pm, Tuesday night. Linds is sleeping away. I thought i would give an update on the past couple of days. As my disclaimer, I most likely will have more misspellings then Linds, even though I am using 2 hands, but like a lot of things, the important stuff is going to stay the same. 

I didn't get my notes complete last night, so I will try to complete this morning.  Here are the highlights of the past couple of days. 

#1 SHE IS HERE!!!!!  Many times over this could have been a different story.  Its not.  Yes things are different, but SHE IS HERE!

#1.1She is here!!!  As you know, we are currently @ Mercy in Springfield MO.  I can not tell you how lucky we have been to have the people here.  From the Medic Team in AR, to the hospital.  The people here are good, real, and understand.  We are in great hands.  We couldn't ask for more.  

2.  Progress-Sunday--honestly it's a bit of a blurr.  Lindsey has an amazing attiture.  She is a fighter, she is going to move forward.  This is who she is.  We know this will be a journey with highs and lows, good times and bad, but the goods & highs have and will continue to win out.

3.  Progress--Monday--sat up in bed.  Raised both legs, raised her arms.  Made husband, mom, and dad smile big: -)

4.  Progress--Tuesday--Got out of the ICU.  So far, no major infection concerns (not 100% out of woods, but all very, very good.)  Sat out of bed.  Went for a ride in a chair using her left hand to help navigate.  Made mom's mouth hit floor.  Made dad & husband smile even bigger than Monday......and I think all 3 a little wattery in the eyes.

5.  Wed.  She is having her wounds examined today.  Because of the extent of her wounds, they are putting her under for this, in a surgury room. Hope to get an update on this later in the morning.  

Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers.  Everyone has been amazing.  

We can't thank Kent & Ang enough for everything they are doing.  The kids are having a blast & we are getting 1st hand updates from Miss Haley (our niece) on the newest, funniest M&M (Mitch & Morgan) stories.