1st Update

Hello everyone. This is Lindsey live from Springfield, MO (typing with my left hand so pardon any misspellings!). To try and update you all, some of this comes off pretty direct. Just a little warning.

Here's the story. 

We were down in Beaver Lake (NW Arkansas) this weekend for a couples lake weekend. Friday included some water sports - tubing, skiing, etc. 

The accident happened Saturday afternoon when we were just hanging out by the dock. Basically I was helping a friend move a big floatie back to the dock that we had anchored a little ways out. The anchor was stuck so a couple folks got the boat out to pull up on the anchor. While we were casually swimming back with the floatie and the boat was getting returned to the slip, a big wake rolled in causing the need to reverse and the boat ended up right by my side of the floatie. I generally recall essentially being sucked under the boat by the propeller. 

The next chapter of this story is what really matters. While I was trapped under the boat it felt like surreal slow motion. I thought I might die. But I thought of my two beautiful children and willed myself to swim out despite the situation and the injuries. It really was one of those moments where time froze and God was there to help me.

He wasn't the only one there for me. I popped up from the water and cried for help. There were 5 couples/ 10 people on our trip that weekend, including a few we had just met 30 hours before. And everyone was beyond awesome. Calling 911 , putting a makeshift tourniquet on my limbs and keeping me calm. 

A team of local EMTs made the hike up and down the hill from the dock and loaded me in an ambulance that took me to a helicopter. From there I was life-flighted to Mercy Hospital here in Springfield which is a level one trauma center. I couldn't have been more blessed getting from point A to point B. And a pretty awesome point B so far I might add. 

A team of 20 was waiting for me. I actually remember seeing all of them and remember the helicopter ride and everything to this point. My only concern was staying alive - you get perspective pretty clearly in these situations. I remained calm the entire time as well. It was all just surreal. 

I woke up the next morning to Aaron and several bandages. Long story short:

Husband - more awesome than ever.

Body and head untouched - miracle. 

Left arm fine.

Right arm suffered some major injuries but generally a good prognosis pending a lot of rehab. Can move fingers well already; thumb more work required. 

Right leg very injured - some bone, tendon and muscle loss but a path is in sight to walking with a brace from what we know now. They are taking that leg back to the OR tomorrow and we will know more. 

Left leg has an amputation below the knee. This is obviously surreal. Seems I am a great candidate for a prostheses and frankly the rehab on this leg seems the most straightforward. Thank God for modern technology!

Every moment of this journey I've been blessed with a positive attitude. I think if all starts with perspective. I am still here when I wasn't sure if that was going to be the case. Plus, these kinds of events reveal some amazing things.

And I am grateful. From all of new friends I've met on my medical journey (have I mentioned the people here are amazing?!)...to my old and dear friends...to coworkers who are so much more than the title implies, to my family. The Eusterwiemanns are giving strong support to Aaron, my parents are here babying me :) and my husband is an angel. A special shout-out to my sister and her family as they take great care of the kiddos. M & M are currently enjoying an extension of their long weekend to Clyde and Linn. Aaron and I are discussing next best steps on that front. Hoping I can get moved to KC within a week but have a lot of open questions on that front. But as for today, I hear the movie Planes (basically a Cars movie) is on the docket along with multiple spa treatments for Morgan! And needless to say, they don't know yet and we need your help making sure they hear it from us. 

We will keep you posted as we continue to walk this journey. We are feeling beyond blessed. 

Love you all and can't thank you enough. Please keep the prayers coming-we feel them!!