I lived what most would describe as a normal life.  Until I didn't.  On August 10, 2013, my life changed forever.  While on vacation, I was in a tragic boating accident where I lost my left leg, suffered extreme injuries to my right leg and lost temporary function of my right arm.  As I was recovering in the hospital, I started writing a blog to share my step by step story.  At first it was for purely functional reasons.  I simply didn't want my husband and parents to endure the burden of telling the story over and over again.  But in the days, weeks and months to follow, I realized there was a healing power in telling my story.  There was inspiration and actionable ideas to be found in what I was facing and dealing with day in and day out.  There was clarity among the chaos.  That blog organically attracted over 30,000 visitors and made me realize the opportunity we all have to share our stories in an effort to help people find their inner strength in tackling whatever life brings. 

I first had the opportunity to tell my story to a live audience at Hallmark Cards where I have the privilege of working every day.  Since then, I have shared my story with countless other groups and found my experiences and lessons have universal relevance and power.  I faced disruption and had to find a way through.  Everyone faces disruption at some point.  Work brings disruption.  To industries, to companies, to teams, to careers.  Home brings disruption.  Health challenges, family situations, financial burdens, anything on the unexpected and unprepared spectrum.  My goal, my purpose from my unfolding life story, is to use my experiences in the pursuit of helping others harness the power that lies within their disruption.

I hope telling my story also inspires the next generation of leaders, including our young children, Mitchell & Morgan.  My husband Aaron and I get to watch their amazing stories unfold every day. 

Thank you for being open to learning from my story.  I am constantly humbled to hear how my experiences have helped others.  It makes it all worth it.